Lily System ™

Fully customizable modular embedded system.

Ideal for test and measurement, process control, data acquisition and more.

The Lily System ™ is a modular system for embedded applications. It's compact size makes it possible to use in desktop environment like laboratories and workplaces. The system can be configured from a bare rack with or without fans. We also provide a predesigned backplane for connecting up to 9 modules. Alternatively we can provide a communication and power module as initial module for your system. From there you can easily design and add your own modules. You can design all your modules your self or you can have us design parts or the complete system for you. The housing is 3D printed and makes it very cost effective in comparison with metal versions. Nevertheless, the build quality is excellent and the rack is very robust.

You can choose one of the standard models and design your system from there. We can also design a complete or part of the system for you.

Lily System ™ LS-1000 / LS-1020

The LS-1000 / LS-1020 is the base rack for your system. The LS-1000 is the bare rack. The LS-1020 has two 80x80mm fans included.

The rack has a size of 326x160x133mm (WxDxH). The module space has a width of 63 HP units (319.7mm). The module height is 128.5mm.

PCB guides are available and can be placed on a 5.08mm grid. The minimum distance between the guides is 20.32mm and that makes the minimum width for the modules 4 HP units (20 mm). The rack can hold a maximum of 15 modules.

Lily System ™ LS-1200

The LS-1200 is the LS-1020 with the Lily System ™ backplane and 18 module guides (9 at the top and 9 at the bottom). This configuration can be your starting point in case you only wish to design the modules.

The backplane is a 2 layer board with DIN41612 connectors with 64 pins on row a and c. It can provide power to 9 modules and has a RS-485 2 wire connection on all modules for intercommunication.

Also included  is a temperature sensor that monitors the temperature inside the rack. It automatically enables the fans when the temperature is too high. This can be overruled by one of the modules in the rack when needed.

Lily System ™ LS-1400

The LS-1400 is the LS-1200 including the Lily System ™ communications module (LS-CM).

This module provides power to the system from a external 12VDC power supply. It can provide up to 40W to the rack.

The LS-CM includes monitoring of power supply voltage and current and has an overload protection. It includes a USB to RS-485 interface for communication with the PC. It can directly communicate with the communication module or one of the other modules in the rack.

After purchasing a system we will provide you with any documentation and drawings to get started and designing your own system.

Are you excited to build your own system or have us design one for you? Contact us for more information.